Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Nothing Lasts Forever by Sidney Sheldon


I read this book recently and like many other Sidney Sheldon books this one has a great plot too, its very captivating and keeps a reader hooked till the very end.Sidney Sheldon truly is a master story teller!

This book is about three women that arrive as first-year residents in the Embarcadero County Hospital and become roommates:Dr. Paige is arrested for murder, but she swore it was euthanasia.She inherits a million 
dollar from a diseased patient which was quite unbeliveable.Very unexpected an old enemy shows up in court and saves her. Dr. Kat had a traumatized childhood which made her vow never to let a man close again,but Paige persuades her to accept the challenge of a bet. Kat falls in love and wants to get married, but unfortunately her deceiving lover has deathly plans.Dr. Honey wants to make it in medicine, but because she doesn't have the brains, she uses other talents to reach her goals.

The eBook can be downloaded from following link.


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