Saturday, April 14, 2012

Getting Unstuck Without Coming Unglued: A Woman's Guide to Unblocking Creativity

A Woman's Guide to Unblocking Creativity by Susan O'Doherty is a self help book especially for women who are experiencing  barriers to their creativity.
In This book Susan takes you through stories of 5 women and herself and tells you how to liberate yourself and find creative side of your personality.
The book starts with the positive and negative comments we get from our family from early years and impact it has on our creativity.In order to unblock your creativity she says you should analyze your life and embrace your shadow self.She conveys the  importance of having a role model in life so as to guide you in your creative pursuits.Art is not always something which can adhere to norms of the society it needs to be original and with alignment of ones self belief then only it is a true expression of art.She takes you through the journey in a women's life where in she has to manage her creativity and motherhood and how her new role makes her more strong and at the same time so vulnerable.
I found the content of this book both inspiring and helpful and it can certainly motivate a person to find their creative side and pursue it no matter where and what age they are in.


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