Sunday, January 29, 2012

The Girl in the Italian Bakery by Kenneth Tingle


I had this book on my Kindle, so while browsing through books for my next read I came upon this and thought of reading its reviews which I found  interesting and all the more its based out in Lawrence,MA which is kind of close to the place where I'm residing these days.Hence I decide to read it.

The book is about Kenny Tingle and his family which comprises to of his two elder brothers Gary , Tommy and his mom.He is raised by single mother in Lawrence , MA .Their mother finds it difficult to cater to all their needs because of financial difficulties and with no support from their father.
The book talks about their life , their struggles in growing up years and how Kenny's family totally fells apart and the author goes in and out of foster homes and gets into bad habits like stealing and so on, he overcomes all this and finally lands up in a career with Marine Crops which is remarkable for a person who has been through so much struggle.

It's a good one time read, where in the author conveys the message that Life is what you make it and one can always come over the difficulties and trials of life if he/she is determined enough to do it.


jess said...

Book of Hope. To read the blurb, you would think that Kenny Tingle was born and everything was downhill from there. That is not the case. His life had a lot of downhill runs but, ultimately, this is a memoir of hope. He overcame his upbringing to become a substantial citizen.

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